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UK NEQAS for H&I are pleased to announce our VIRTUAL Annual Participant’s Meeting for 2022-23!

Following on from the successes of our online annual participant’s meetings, UK NEQAS for H&I are pleased to announce the return our FREE, VIRTUAL annual participant’s meeting. This is a great opportunity for our overseas participants, as well as those from the UK that cannot attend our in-person meeting, to get involved with scheme discussions. This meeting will be recorded and made available to those who could not make it.

As mentioned above, we are also running an IN-PERSON participant’s meeting alongside this virtual version. All participants are encourage to register for at least one of our meetings as they are great for providing topics of discussion relating to, not only our EQA/EPT schemes, but also issues in the wider field of H&I services in healthcare.

Please click HERE to view the meeting’s agenda.

To register for our VIRTUAL participant’s meeting, click the button below (please note: there is no limit to how many people can register from an organisation). For our IN-PERSON meeting, please click here.

Register Here