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UK NEQAS for H&I run 3 schemes, alongside our standard EQA schemes, with the aim of improving participant’s knowledge, techniques and interpretation of H&I-related issues.

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Interpretative Educational Scenarios (iED) – a paper-based exercise presenting a clinical scenario to work through.  These scenarios are often based on real patient cases and contain relevant clinical details and test results.  The questions ask you to interpret the results and provide clinical advice.

Educational HLA Typing (ED) – participants are provided with four samples per year to HLA type.  These samples provide examples of rare or interesting HLA types.

Educational Combined Crossmatch/HLA Type/Antibody Analysis (EDXM) – participants receive samples to mimic testing performed for solid organ transplantation to test and provide an interpretation of the results.

These scenarios are not formally assessed and provided free of charge.  We hope you find them stimulating and use them as an educational tool to drive wider discussion in your labs.  A summary of the responses submitted is provided instead of formal report:

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