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Subscription Fees:

UK NEQAS for H&I is a not-for-profit organisation. Fees are subject to annual review based on the full costs of operating the Schemes. Refunds of EQA charges are only payable under exceptional circumstances and at the Scheme Director’s discretion.

You can contact us below if you would like to enquire about scheme fees for the current distribution year. If a participant joins part way through the annual period, a reduced fee is payable reflecting the number of samples to be supplied for that part year. Please note that all invoices must be paid in UK STERLING (£GBP) AND FREE OF ALL BANK CHARGES. 



During registration, participants are requested to provide details of the financial invoice address along with a purchase order number. Velindre NHS Trust will invoice participants for the annual subscription fees which are due within 30 days of invoice receipt. Within the UK, invoices cannot be raised without an order number. Heads of department are asked to ensure prompt payment of subscriptions as part of participation in UK NEQAS for H&I Schemes. Participants will be charged for all Schemes they receive samples for, regardless of whether they submitted results. UK NEQAS for H&I reserve the right to charge administration fees for re-issue of invoices due to incorrect completion of financial information by participants (e.g. VAT liability) or due to accounts not being cleared due to non-payment in GBP or excess bank charges.

Late payment or failure to pay the subscription charge will result in suspension from participation in UK NEQAS for H&I schemes.

Contact for current scheme fees