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UKAS ISO:17043

UK NEQAS for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics is operated by Velindre University NHS Trust, a UKAS accredited proficiency testing provider, No 8351. Full details of accredited schemes can be found in our Schedule of Accreditation available below.

For developing and pilot schemes, once the viability of the scheme has been established a scoring system will be developed to monitor performance and accreditation will be sought.

You can download the UK NEQAS H&I “Accreditation Certificate” and  “Schedule of Accreditation” below:


Accreditation Certificate

Schedule of Accreditation


European Federation For Immunogenetics (EFI) Accreditation

EFI have formally stated that our Schemes are acceptable as appropriate external quality assessment/external proficiency testing schemes for laboratories applying for or renewing EFI Accreditation. Accordingly, UK NEQAS for H&I is included in the EFI “Register of EPT Providers” (available to download here).

UK NEQAS for H&I will continue to work to ensure it complies with EFI Accreditation requirements for EPT.