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UK NEQAS for H&I provides External Quality Assessment and Proficiency Testing (EQA/EPT) to laboratories and organisations from around the world. We currently serve over 330 laboratories, based in 48 different Countries, covering every Continent except Antarticia.

Below you can see a list of all of the Countries that we currently distribute samples to, as well as the number of labs per Country. If you are interested in becoming a participant, regardless of whether currently serve your Country, please click the button below to contact us. If you would like more information on our services, please click here.

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# of Labs Country Continent
64 United Kingdom Europe
48 France Europe
32 Turkey Europe
20 Belgium Europe
20 Netherlands Europe
15 Italy Europe
14 Portugal Europe
12 Greece Europe
11 Ireland Europe
11 Sweden Europe
10 Denmark Europe
9 Switzerland Europe
8 Norway Europe
7 Germany Europe
4 Austria Europe
3 Finland Europe
3 Hungary Europe
2 Bulgaria Europe
2 Croatia Europe
2 Estonia Europe
2 Poland Europe
1 Cyprus Europe
1 Czech Republic Europe
1 Iceland Europe
1 Israel Europe
1 Lithuania Europe
1 Serbia Europe
1 Slovenia Europe
1 Spain Europe


# of Labs Country Continent
4 India Asia
3 Malaysia Asia
2 Vietnam Asia
1 Hong Kong Asia
1 Kuwait Asia
1 Philippines Asia
1 Saudi Arabia Asia
1 Singapore Asia
1 Thailand Asia


# of Labs Country Continent
5 South Africa Africa
1 Cote D’Ivoire Africa
1 Egypt Africa
1 Reunion Africa


# of Labs Country Continent
4 Australia Australia
1 New Zealand Australia


# of Labs Country Continent
1 Guadeloupe North America
1 Martinique North America
1 United States North America


# of Labs Country Continent
2 Chile South America