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Scheme Description

Participants can register to receive samples to perform combined crossmatching, HLA typing and antibody detection/specification to mimic testing performed for solid organ transplantation. Participants are expected to report the results of all the individual test components as performed in their laboratory, and also provide an interpretation of the results if they were obtained in a clinical kidney transplant setting. Full instructions and details are provided at the time of sample distribution.

One blood sample and up to three serum samples will distributed each year for the combined crossmatching, HLA typing and antibody detection/specification scheme. These samples are available free of charge to laboratories that participate in Scheme 2A or 2B or 3.



To provide participants with a variety of interesting samples to test that offer a beneficial educational element.

Laboratories can register to receive the educational HLA combined crossmatching, typing and antibody analysis scheme free of charge but only if they also participate in scheme 2A, 2B or 3.



One blood sample and three serum samples will be sent once each year. A serum set may include test serum replicates.

The three sera must be tested against the blood sample provided.



Participants must only use the reporting forms provided on the participant’s portal and are required to report their findings within the deadline stated.



The scheme EDXM samples are not assessed.



Satisfactory Performance

Not applicable.


Information/Analysis Provided to Participants

  • For samples, anonymised summary table of all participant results, comments and methodology.
  • For samples, an analysis of the identification of the HLA allele of interest will be provided. Relevant references will be supplied whenever possible.