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Entering Scheme 3 Results

Results for scheme 3 are to be submitted via our bespoke participant’s portal. If you are unable to submit any results using the portal, please feel free to contact us to discuss alternative ways of submission.

Participant's Portal

Scheme 3 Results Entry Guidelines

  • Indicate if an antibody specificity is present in the sample by ticking the relevant detection method(s).
  • If the antibody specificity is absent from the sample, do not tick any of the boxes.
  • For Luminex detected antibodies, indicate the MFI range of each detected antibody (not assessed).
  • Technical issues/invalid results (e.g. control failures, quality issues) should be reported as ‘Not tested’. Reasons for not testing need to be reported on the final result entry page. ‘Not tested’ results will not be assessed.
  • Participants may report results of Luminex based complement binding assays (e.g. C1q, C3d etc), IgM antibodies, DQA and DPA antibodies. These are not currently assessed.
  • Participants are also invited to report the specificities they would consider as unacceptable for a standard risk patient waiting for deceased donor kidney transplant based on the test results. For this interpretation of results, participants are asked to assume the antibody identification results are reproducible and the sensitising events are unknown. These are not currently assessed.
  • In addition to reporting any IgG CDC detected specificities using the tickboxes, the CDC percent panel reactive antibody (%PRA) for each sample and any HLA specificities detected can be reported. This additional information is not assessed, but for participant information only.

Allele specific antibodies
If ‘allele-specific’ antibodies are identified, tick the antibody specificity box and list the antibodies in the comments box. E.g. If an antibody is found to be positive with the A*68:01 product only and is negative with other A*68 allele products, tick the A68 box and indicate A*68:01 in the comments box.

For any queries with reporting, please contact us.