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Entering Scheme 1A Results

Results for scheme 1A are to be submitted via our bespoke participant’s portal. If you are unable to submit any results using the portal, please feel free to contact us to discuss alternative ways of submission.

Participant's Portal

Scheme 1A Results Entry Guidelines

Enter the HLA phenotype results on which you have selected to be assessed.

Results should be reported at the highest level possible, (i.e. split specificity level) and can be based on a combination of serological typing and supplemental molecular typing, e.g. If serological typing identifies DQ3, and molecular typing DQB1*03:02, report ‘8’ in the DQ field.

Report Instructions

  • Do NOT include the loci letter or ‘*’ (asterisk) in a result field, just a number e.g. ‘1’, ‘26’, ‘103’
  • Report heterozygous results in numerical order, with the lowest number in the first result box e.g. 1, 25 or 3, 29 or 4, 17
  • Do NOT leave any fields blank (unless not registered for a particular locus).
  • For homozygous results please repeat the type in both boxes, e.g. 1, 1 or 8, 8 or 7, 7
  • Results entered elsewhere (e.g. comments) are not included in assessment.
  • Use the correct HLA phenotype nomenclature for all loci e.g. DR ‘4’ not ‘04’
  • Technical issues/invalid results (e.g. control failures, quality issues) should be reported as ‘NT’ (Not tested). Reasons for not testing need to be reported on the final result entry page. ‘Not tested’ results will not be assessed.

For any queries with reporting, please contact us.