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UK NEQAS for H&I have collaborated with BSHI (British Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics) to develop and publish guidelines which aim to assist laboratories with HLA genotyping for coeliac disease.

Published in the International Journal of Immunogenetics, the guidelines provide evidence-based advice for the reporting and clinical interpretation of HLA genotyping for coeliac disease. These guidelines were created in response to a review of HLA genotyping for coeliac disease EQA results, which revealed an unusually high rate of poor performance and a number of common errors.

The guidelines have been developed by a writing committee, comprising of members from the UK NEQAS for H&I steering committee and members of BSHI – all of which provide H&I clinical services for coeliac disease testing.

If you would like to discuss these guidelines, or anything related to them, please submit a form via our contact page. For more information on our HLA genotyping for coeliac disease EQA scheme, please click here.

The view the guidelines, please follow the link below:

View Guidelines

12 Feb - News