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Velindre University NHS Trust ‘Employee Excellence Awards’ Winners!

UK NEQAS for H&I are proud winners of the Sustainability category at their local NHS Trust Employee Excellence Awards 2023.

These awards celebrate achievements and the ways individuals and teams have made a difference to experiences/outcomes for colleagues, donors, patients and partners.

The Sustainability Award is awarded to an individual or team for reducing use of resources by making a change.  This could include a change in practices, introducing something new, education or awareness raising, procurement of services or something else.

UK NEQAS for H&I sends ~2500 packages to domestic and international locations annually.  These packages must comply with strict postage guidelines as they contact biological material.  However, UK NEQAS for H&I have strived to make these packages as recyclable as possible.  One recent innovation was to source branded paper packing tape to replace the plastic tape historically used.

The use of the paper packing tape has been shared with our UK NEQAS partners and implemented across 18 other UK NEQAS centres across the UK.  These centres collectively ship thousands of packages per month so the reduction in plastic use is noteworthy.  As a collective this has also prompted UK NEQAS to review the type of packaging used and move towards sustainable options.

If you ever have any suggestions on how we can become more greener, please do let us know! More information about Velindre University NHS Trust’s sustainability efforts can be found here.

This initiative demonstrates how we give appropriate consideration and proactive search for more greener ways to provide our services.

5 Oct - News